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In compliance with the Law 46/2012 de 29 de Agosto, we advise the following:

  1. What are Cookies and what is its function?

    Cookies are text files widely used on the Internet, that are inserted into computers of site visitors, and serve, in our case, to allow full access to all features of the site.

  2. The cookies are safe for my computer?

    The cookies we use are safe. Not capture any sensitive information from site visitor nor cause any detrimental effect on your computer.

  3. What happens if I do not accept cookies from this site?

    Some features of the site will not be active and your browsing experience will not be optimal.

  4. We have control over third-party cookies?

    No we have not. When you visit a page from this site with content embedded from, for example, YouTube or Facebook, these service providers may set their own cookies on your computer. These cookies are not harmful to your computer.

Details of the cookies that may be used on this site:

Cookie Name Function of the Cookie
ci_csrf_token Protection Token of CSRF [1]
ci_session PHP session and CodeIgniter Session
gestor_id Login administrator's backoffice
cms_language backoffice language
client_id Client ID [could be e-commerce or (only) restricted area.]
tipo Client type (ex: buyer)
encomenda_id Order ID (applicable to e-commerce)
texto Website search, website data
message Display control of the message
sucesso Action control
error Action control
mensagem Message from the last action
recuperar_sucess Control to recover the backoffice password
recuperar_error Control to recover the backoffice password
trocar_sucess Control to recover the backoffice password
trocar_error Control to recover the backoffice password


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